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Educational Aim

This four-year program concentrating on technical services and management concepts in hotels and restaurants is designed to educate students to become a mid-level leader. It offers various trainings such as professionalism, dependability, diligence and cooperation concerning work ethics; meanwhile, we aim to equip students with humanistic solicitude and international vision as well as the ability to adjust to the work environment. Besides servicing and culinary techniques, students are capable of applying leadership, communication, and negotiation.

The department was also established for those who seek to pursue their professional career in the international culinary industry. Designed by excellent chefs in Taiwan, our program focuses on “the promotion of culinary techniques in healthy dietetics” as well as “the management in the food and beverage industry,” preparing the students for becoming a well-rounded culinary professional. Our multidisciplinary approach to culinary education balances creative artistry with practical knowledge, scientific understanding, and integrated managerial and leadership skills. Finishing the culinary arts program, you will be well-prepared to enter this ever-growing, global food service industry with a solid foundation for success!

The department builds the solid foundations of culinary skills and promotes the capacity for execution in dining service.

  • The department has kitchen labs with effective facilities that provide our students with basic training of cooking skills.
  • Our curriculums emphasize theory and practice, as well as the conception of professionalism and innovation. By using local ingredients and referring to traditional recipes, each student receives a comprehensive, challenging training in classic culinary techniques combined with modern innovations and the latest trends in global cuisines. Students will learn from experienced chefs by hands-on training.
  • To gain practical experience and expand skills through internships at top restaurants and other related food industries.
  • To observe and absorb the strategy of management, as well as the characteristics and spirit of different entrepreneurship.
  • To learn from top chefs in Taiwan and other countries around the world to teach at our school in residence, so that our students can work closely with the expert chef-instructors to hone their skills, keep up with industry trends and understand what to expect in the real world, from their first culinary internship to their first professional career launch.
  • Our curriculums emphasize hands-on, practical execution of cooking skills.
  • Our students work in the culinary lab with well-equipped facilities, learning through demonstration from excellent chefs.
  • Our students are capable of putting the theory of culinary arts into practice.
  • Our teachings keep up with the trends in the food and beverage industry.
  • Students are arranged to visit the first-class hotels, leading chain restaurants, or independent restaurants, etc.
  • Our courses prepare our students for Level B and Level C technician-certificate examinations. At present, the professional certificates in this field include Technician Certificate for Chinese Cuisine, Technician Certificate for Western-style Cuisine, Technician Certificate for Baking, Technician Certificate for Catering and Tourism Service, and Technician Certificate for Mixing Drinks.
  • To gain a global perspective, our students will be arranged to visit oversea internationally well-known culinary schools, top restaurants and hotels.

Characteristics of the Department

We have employed considerable numbers of high-ranking personnel from the hotel and restaurant industries to make sure what students learn at school meets the demand of the industries.

Students serve their internship in about one hundred of organizations in the hotels, restaurants and related industries.

The courses emphasize restaurant operation and market development, and students will be capable of starting their own business.

The teaching staffs all have various industrial working experiences.

Students are required to travel abroad to visit and observe related facilities to broaden their sense of globalization.


Practical Courses

Our teachings focus on practical techniques and application of theory. Students are arranged to serve their internship in the school or other organizations. They have courses in operating the school restaurant and they will be able to start their own business in the future.

Professional Teaching

Students can not only learn practical techniques from professional experts in our hands-on courses but also gain aspects of managing restaurant facilities through practical, hands-on education from the perspective of management that differs from the traditional class operation. Besides, students have sizable functions to present their achievement every semester.

Theory Application

To enable students to facilitate what they have learned in classes to meet the practical demand of the current industry, various classes have been designed to provide them with opportunities to visit, observe, and have lessons in the well-known hotels and restaurants.

Professional Licensing

To enhance students’ competitiveness, the department has placed special emphasis on educating students to acquire different professional licenses. Currently, we focus on Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine, baking, sommelier, and food and beverage service techniques.

International Vision

Students will be arranged to travel overseas to visit some internationally recognized schools and hotels to develop a global perspective..


Courses for the Four-year College Program

Required Courses
Management International Etiquette
Chinese Culinary Arts ( I ) Health, Safety, and Hygiene in the Workplace
Food and Beverage Management Western Culinary Arts ( I )
Nutrition for Foodservice & Culinary Professionals Hotel Management
Japanese Culinary Arts ( I ) Operation Management in Front Desk and Housekeeping
Beverage Management Baking Technology ( I )
English Conversation in Hospitality Service Skills in Food and Beverage Industry
Information System in Hospitality Menu Design
Industrial Purchases in Hospitality Internship
Human Resource Management in Hospitality Marketing in Hospitality
Service Management in Hospitality Operation and Management in the Chain-Market
Cost Control in Hospitality Overseas Visiting
Operation and Practice in Restaurant Case Study in Hospitality
Introduction to Culinary Arts Practicum – Skills ( I )
Carving Skills Practicum – Report ( I )
Basic Western Cuisine Practicum – Ethics in the Food and Beverage Industry ( II )
Basic Baking Practicum – Skills ( II )
Interpersonal Communication Concepts and Ethics Practicum – Report ( II )
Practicum-Ethics in the Food and Beverage Industry ( I ) Food & Beverage Information System and Word Processing
Culinary Terminology and Conversation Research Topics in Culinary Arts
Basic Chinese Cuisine Food Ingredients and Purchasing Management
Advanced Western Cuisine Chinese Food Culture
Advanced Western Bakery Restaurant Operation and Practice
Sanitation and Hygiene of Food, GHP Research Projects in Culinary Arts ( II )
Advanced Chinese Cuisine Wine Tasting
Preparation of Beverage Cooking Certification and Training
Preparation of Cold Kitchen Kitchen Management & Equipment Design
Menu Design & Cost Control
Selective Courses
Japanese for Hospitality French for Hospitality
Club Management Introduction to Wine
Japanese Culinary Arts ( II ) Baking Technology ( II )
Chinese Culinary Arts ( II ) Western Culinary Arts ( II )
Operation and Management in the Leisure Industry Management in Sky Catering
Operation and Management in Bed & Breakfast Dealing with Conflict Situations in Hospitality
Restaurant Operation and Development Finance and Accounting Management in Hospitality
Hotel Operation and Development Function and Catering Management
Conference and Event Management Consumer Psychology
Restaurant Design and Planning Food Culture
Advanced Chinese Cuisine Organoleptic Evaluation of Gourmet Cuisine
Level B License in Baking Project Management in the Food and Beverage Industry
Chinese Snack Cooking Food and Beverage Marketing and Management
Pulled Sugar Art and Cake Decoration Financial and Accounting Management in the Food and Beverage Industry
International Cuisine Customer Psychology
Taiwanese Local Cuisine Banquet and Catering Management

Faculty and Staff

Wang. Wen-Tsai 王文才  #260

Associate Professor Rank Specialist 副教授級專業技術人員 /
Chair 系主任



  • Restaurant Management
  • Chinese Cuisine

FU SHANG YI 符聖憶  #816

Assistant Professor Rank Specialist 助理教授級專業技術人員



  • Western Cuisine

Ying-chu Chen (Karen-Chen) 陳櫻珠  #816

Assistant Professor Rank Specialist 助理教授級專業技術人員 /
Administrative Teacher 行政老師



  • Mixology
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management

Chiang,Chih-Ming 江志民  #265

Assistant Professor 助理教授



  • Marketing Research
  • Applied Statistics

CHANG, HSIU YING 張琇瑩  #814

Assistant Professor 助理教授
Administrative Teacher 行政老師



  • Service Skills in Food and Beverage Management
  • Beverage Management

LEE.CHIA-CHENG 李家成  #816

Assistant Professor Rank Specialist 助理教授級專業技術人員



  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine

Chih-Chang Tseng 曾志昌  #263

Assistant Professor Rank Specialist 助理教授級專業技術人員



  • Western Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Teppanyaki

TONY T.C. LIU 劉東春  #265

Assistant Professor Rank Specialist 助理教授級專業技術人員



  • Hotel Hospitality
  • Hotel Preparations Management

Hsien-Sui Weng 翁銜穗  #264

Instructor 講師



  • Chinese Culinary Arts
  • Industrial Purchases in Hospitality

KUO,PIN TSEN 郭品岑  #815

Instructor Rank Specialist 講師級專業技術人員



  • Western Desserts and Snacks Chocolate
  • Making Banquet Refreshments

Jee-Min Chen 陳志旻  #264

Instructor 講師



  • Baking Technology
  • Service Skills in Food and Beverage

lin 林雪釵  #261

Senior Clerk 組員



  • Administration

Tsung-Chia Lee 李宗家  #269

Instructor 講師



  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Hospitality English and Conversation

Chiung-Hui Tseng 曾瓊慧  #266

Instructor 講師



  • Chinese Culinary Arts
  • Menu Design and Cost Control

Min-Chen Ying 應敏貞  #267

Instructor 講師



  • Hotel Management
  • Front Office Management

CHANG,EN,LING 張恩齡  #828

Project Clerk 專案人員



Associate Clerk 書記



  • Administration

Wu Yi Tsz 吳奕慈  #262

Contract Staff 約聘人員



  • Administration