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By the beginning of 2007, the geriatric population in reaches 10 %, among them more than two hundred thousand is in need of different degrees of long-term care. By year 2016, the geriatrics is estimated to be more than 13 % of the general population. They need someone to take care of them in different ways. Therefore, Deh Yu College of Nursing and Health established the Department of Senior Citizen Service Management in 2007 to meet the need. In response to changes in the old age industry,Approved by the Ministry of the report from 2017 named Department of Senior Citizen Care and welfare.

We offers four-year and two-year college program for continuing vocational education and training .We develop and provide courses that are specialized in elder care service and elder care management. Now we offer two-year and four-year college programs for On-the-job Professional Division. The main goal of our department is to cultivate professionals and to promote the physical, psychological and spiritual well-beings of senior adults in their daily life. The graduates will gain abilities to work in the relevant industries, to be more competitive in the profession. Students are highly encouraged to obtain profession certificates.

Educational Goal

There are four key educational goals for preparing our students becoming the professionals in the areas of senior care related industries:

  • Specialized Courses
  • Practice Teaching
  • Technology Licensed
  • Graduation Employment


Required Courses
Human Resource Management Human Behavior and Social Environment
Psychology Designing and Evaluating Human Service Programs
Introduction to Life and Death General Sense of Medicine
Psychological Counseling for the Elderly Physiology for the Elderly
Introduction to Senior Services Senior Services Business and Management
Services for the Elderly and Community Care Financial Management of the Elderly
Elderly Health Promotion Design of Physical Fitness for the Elderly
Elderly education Introduction to Senior Care
Elderly Care Practice Introduction to Gerontology
Nutrition and Dietetics for the Elderly Aging and Anti-aging
Introduction to Disability Health Assessment
Community Organization and Development Social Work Research
Introduction to Social Work The Social Work Practicum 1
The Social Work Practicum 2 Social Psychology
Social Policy and Social Legislation Social Case Work
Social Statistics Social Group Work
Social welfare administration Sociology
Managing Nonprofit Organization Elderly care for the well-being career internships
Project Study1 Project Study2
Management Studies Institutional Quality Management and Evaluation
Hospice Care and Grief Counseling

Career Opportunities

The employment ability and practical operation of our students has been able to be cultivated through the development of industry-academic cooperation projects with several excellent senior social welfare services and related industries.

The employment opportunities include the professional personnel in health industry, senior social work, senior leisure and sports, senior human resource management, senior industrial marketing, senior education design, senior financial planning, senior health and life care centers, health care and nursing services, and senior homes.

Faculty and Staff

Pi-Shan Hsu 許碧珊  #810

Associate Professor 副教授 / Chair 系主任


HONG, YUE LIN 洪悅琳  #812

Assistant Professor 助理教授


TAO-MING TING 丁導民  #232

Assistant Professor 助理教授


Lan-Ping Lin 林藍萍  #820

Assistant Professor 助理教授


Shu-Fen Chiu 邱淑芬  #232

Assistant Professor 助理教授


Wei-Chang Hong 洪葦倉  #212

Instructor 講師


LAI,WEN SHIUNG 賴文雄  #811

Contract Staff 約聘人員