Admission Policy for International Students

  1. This admission policy is based on the Regulation of the Admission of International Students of the Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan, Republic of China.
  2. Applicants must not hold any overseas Chinese Status or hold any passport of the Republic of China. Breaking either of the above rules would result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s Admission or the applicant will be deprived of his status as a student of Deh Yu College of Nursing and Health (CKIMH).
  3. Any international student wants to continue his further study, should follow the general entrance procedure as domestic students do.
  4. Where a department recruits and accepts international students, the number of such students shall not be counted against the department’s total admissions quota, but their number in any given academic year shall be limited to no more than ten percent of the number of ROC citizens admitted that year. Where the preceding paragraph refers to the number of international students recruited, the figure shall not include international students not registered as degree students.
  5. Applicants are required to submit application forms with the following required documents to the Office of Admission of the CKIMH between February 1 and April 30 each year. Health Insurance documents should be submitted when registered in the institute. The institute can apply for Health Insurance for overseas students. However, the institute is not responsible for the Insurance fees.
    • One copy of Application form ( written in Chinese, with 2 passport photos)
    • Two official copies of the highest education certificate in English or in Chinese and full transcript in English.
    • Two letters of recommendation. (including one by the Chinese Language teacher).
    • Health certificate (including an HIV virus blood immunity test report).
    • A study plan written in English or Chinese.
    • A bank statement of Financial ability (sufficient for the studying period in Taiwan)
    • Other departmental required document.
  6. The applicants must pass all the basic requirement of each subject of his previous school. The application will be first reviewed by the department then by the Admission Committee of International students of CKIMH. In certain cases, the applicants will be asked to take Chinese language test or test of the major subject. Admitted students would be approved by the president of the Institute and then registered in the Ministry of Education of the ROC by the end of November each year.
  7. International applicants who have completed a degree program or have been expelled from any Taiwan university, are not eligible to re-apply for admission. Breaking either of the above rules would result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the applicant will be deprived of his recognized status as a student in CKIMH.
  8. International students will be required to pay the same tuition fees as domestic students do. International students can also apply for “Scholarship for International Students”.
  9. The rule is supplemented by the “Bylaw of International Student Scholarship” of Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan, ROC.
  10. The rule is approved by the Academic Committee meeting and registered in the Ministry of Education. The revision will follow the same route.

Admission of Foreign Students & Academic Programs

Foreign students who graduated from high schools are eligible to apply for four-year undergraduate program. We have eight departments to offer academic programs as follows: Dept. of Nursing, Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Dept. of Child Educare, Dept. of Applied Cosmetic Science, Dept. of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Dept. of Human Resource Development, Dept. of Information Technology, and Dept. of Sports, Health and Leisure.

Scholarship & Financial Aid

The tuition for the foreign students is the same as the domestic students. The yearly tuition is about US$3,000. We offer “Scholarship for Foreign Students” to the qualified foreign students on the requirements of some financial needs or academic performances. We also provide work-study opportunities for students with financial needs.

Consultation & Assistance for Foreign Students

Ching Kuo Institute sets up a full-time International Student Advising Office to provide all kinds of consultation and services for foreign students. Among the services provided are individual counselling, group counselling, psychological testing, career guidance, etc.

Career Development for Foreign Students

Ching Kuo Institute offers a thorough intern program for foreign students. After graduation, the students will have enough capabilities and skills to keep up with the new trends not only in the development of science and technology but also in the marketplace.

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