TEL:+886-2-2437-2093 Ext. 361
Location:De-Yu Building 德育樓 A201


Handle all the affairs related to students

Deal with the work of student affairs, including clothing, housing, and transportation.

Hold student affairs meetings

The meeting is held once a semester, to let every committee member understand what we work on and to discuss/amend the regulations that are out-of-date.

Student Bus Service

For purposes of easing the commuting tension, this university has signed contract with local bus company, to offer several routes of bus service. Bus Schedules and Route Maps are available in our office or website.

Student Draft Law

Male students, who are over 19 years old and are enrolled and whose health condition has been classified to be “A”or “B”, pending classification or undergoing a second check-up, should apply for a temporary exemption. But with a reserved serviceman status, he should apply for a “Jing-hou-chou-ji” (procrastinated exemption).

Leave of Absence

Currently only one-day leave or sick leaves are allowed. Before delivering the leave-form, please make sure all fields are properly filled-in and all data are correct. For school business leave, leave exceeds two days and leave during the examination week, student should come to the office personally and apply with necessary documents.

Reply to the questions about student affairs.

Deal with all unexpected accidents happening to students.

Faculty and Staff

SHIH,LUNG TAI 石龍泰  #360

Division Director 組長

CHANG, PEI YUN 張沛芸  #362

Senior Clerk 組員

CHEN,AN CHI 陳安棋  #354

Senior Clerk 組員

KANG , SHU MIN 康淑敏  #363

Clerk 辦事員

KUO. SHUEH .YING 郭雪英  #354

Project Clerk 專案人員

WU MEI MAN 吳美滿  #354

Project Clerk 專案人員

SIX,SHENG HAO 夏聖皓  #354

Project Clerk 專案人員

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