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Location:De-Yu Building 德育樓


The Student Counseling Center offers CKU students mental health education, psychological consultation, workshops, support for mentor system, and psychological tests. In addition, we actively screen and trace students at risk with psychological assessment tools, individual counseling, group counseling, and crisis intervention. There are also volunteered paraprofessionals and the Resource Room to provide special educational services.


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a process which, through interaction with the counselor, helps students clarify their problems, provides information, and seeks a possible solution. Whoever encounters problems about study, life, entality, or future direction is welcome to the Student Counseling Center.

Psychological Testing

Do you understand yourself? Do you hesitate about which way to go in the future? You are welcome to make use of the psychological tests which will lead to an objective analysis from the sample of professional statistics. It is very important for you to select the test that matches your need and the result will be analyzed by the professional.

Mini Library

We have literature and fiction collections, magazines of living and psychology, counseling periodicals and newsletters published by the Center. Moreover, we have one hundred speech cassettes published by social publishers and excellent collections of films about psychology, physiology and entertainment.

  • Books & periodicals: students with the student ID can borrow one volume each time; and the returning deadline is two weeks.
  • Cassettes: all the cassettes can only be used within the Center.
  • Videotapes: videotapes can be borrowed through the application of teachers and students.

Speech & Forum

We invite well-known scholars and teachers to hold various kinds of speeches and forums from time to time. The topics include interpersonal communication skills, adaptability to college life, psychology of love, aspects of changing a major or taking a minor, career development, self-development and learning, etc. We are concerned about any question you are concerned about.

Resource Room: Special Educational Services

In 2006, the Resource Room set up in the Counseling Center. There are five counselors to provide special education students services, including disability assessments, counseling, activities, workshops, and individual special need services.

Faculty and Staff

Heng-Hsiang Huang 黃恆祥  #301

Dean of Student Affairs 學務長


  • Supervision of the Overall Student Affairs Division
  • Plan of the Student Affairs Work
  • Coordination with Other Office
  • Coordination with Other College of Student Affairs Division