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Department of Applied Information and Multimedia @ DAIM

About DAIM

Department of Applied Information and Multimedia (Abbreviated as DAIM) offers four-year undergraduate programs.

醫護資訊應用系Department of Applied Information and Multimedia

Educational Philosophy

The objectives of the programs are to train and educate students to be competent in information and multimedia related subordinate domains (e.g., information technology integration services, multimedia applications, network communication and management, digital content and techniques, and cloud computing business information applications).
Our faculty members lead the education principles of project-based learning with focus on improving student’s proficiency in key skills. Students are greatly encouraged to obtain international certificates to be more competitive in their future career development.

Facilities and Equipment

Department of Applied Information and Multimedia is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and specialized cyber labs, which is established not only for instruction purposes but also for providing professional services to the community.


Course for the Four-year College Program

Required Courses
Computer Hardware Open Source
Circuit Theory Computer Graphics
Architecture Digital Logic Design
Programming I Network Introduction
Operating System & System Programming Computer Network
Linear Algebra Topics in Information Technology
Technology & Enterprise Seminar Thesis Seminar
Computer Hardware Data Structure
System Analysis and Design Operating System
Topics in Information Technology Technology & Enterprise Seminar
Computer Graphics Computer Hardware
Computer Programming Fundamental Statistics
Economics Accounting Statement Practices
Management Topics in Information Technology
Management Information System Business Software Application
Enterprise Information Communication Computer Graphics
Database Management
Selective Courses
IT English C Programming
Java Programming Artificial Intelligence
Interface Design Distributed System Design
Router Management Multimedia Theory & Application
Multimedia Design & Application Mobile Communication
Marketing Management and Application System Analysis & Design
Object-oriented Programming Logistic Management
Geographic Database Geographic Information System
Architecture LAN
Project Management Software Engineer
Communication System Embedded System Programming
Wireless Network Communication Wireless Network & Practice
Programming (I) Programming (II)
Advanced Embedded System Design Open Source System
Database Network and System Integration Database Introduction
Data Structure Information Security
E-business Theory & Practice Computer Animation Algorithms
Algorithms Web Design
Web Programming Grid Computing
Network Security & Practice Web Database
Network & Computer Security Internet Software Engineering Application
Broad Band Network Management Wide Area Networking
WAN Management Digital Image Processing
Medical Computer Algorithms Discrete Mathematics
Information Ethics

Faculty and Staff

Rachung Yu 尤瑞崇  #270

Associate Professor 副教授 / Chair 系主任



  • Multimedia animation applications
  • Multi-objective decision management
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Strategy Management

Bing-Leung Sun 孫秉良  #273

Associate Professor 副教授



  • Image Processing
  • Geographic Information System
  • Photogrammetry

Meng-Lin Shih 施孟林  #272

Associate Professor 副教授



  • Consumer Behavior
  • Information Management
  • E-business
  • Elementary Statistics

LU,CHUN LIANG 呂俊良  #273

Associate Professor 副教授



  • Optimization Algorithm
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multimedia Application

Chih-Hsu Hsu 許志旭  #272

Associate Professor 副教授



  • Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Embedded System
  • Microprocessor

Bea Huang 黃碧聰  #272

Instructor 講師



  • Computer Aided English Teaching
  • Cognition of Digital Language Learning
  • Application and Development of Multimedia Language Software

Li-Pen Chao 趙立本  #273

Instructor 講師



  • Computer System
  • Technology Integration